Know Your Enemy

X-Ray vision of all the Google Ads and competitors in your marketplace, niche and/or local area… so you can crush them.

Take all, take everything.

Real-time Google Ads Intelligence

Every Advertiser, Every Ad, and Everything Else

Want x-ray vision for your Google Ads?

Want to see what your competitors are offering and what ads they are using?

AdScout shows you:

– who’s advertising
– how often
– what ads are getting seen most
– their ad copy
– what keywords they’re bidding on.

All presented in beautiful reports so you can crush your competitors.

Welcome to your new secret weapon.

How AdScout stacks up

No other tool even comes close

Google Search: Tampa Plumber

AdScout shows 23 advertisters and 1,142 unique ads.

Want proof? CLICK HERE to open the actual report in a new tab shows
4 Advertisters shows
0 Advertisters shows
5 Advertisers


AdScout Pro software is the market leader in Google Ads monitoring, insights & reporting.

It’s the secret sauce behind how my Google Ads agency AdBoost.Pro guarantees such exceptional results.

So I’ve repackaged the software here in a way that it’s also of massive value to G’s on their way to TML.

There is no offer or service offered. I am not on the AVL and this is just advice.

Of course it costs me a bit to run, but not enough to worry about. It’s my way of adding value and helping my brothers on the White Path 💪🏼 ❤️