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Know Your Market

Real-time Google Ads Intelligence
Every Advertiser, Every Ad, and Everything Else

No other tool gets close – we guarantee it.

Want x-ray vision for your Google Ads?

Want to see what your competitors are offering and what ads they are using?

AdScout shows you:

– who’s advertising
– how often
– what ads are getting seen most
– their headlines
– their ad copy
– and what keywords they’re bidding on.

All presented in beautiful real-time, live reports so you can login, get the secret data then crush your competitors.

Welcome to your new secret weapon.

Proprietary Software

We know how Google behaves and have built software to collet the data. No other tool even comes close.

Real Time Data

So you can login at any time and see Ads from literally minutes ago.

24/7 Monitoring

We track every Ad so you will never miss a thing.

Real-time Google Ads Intelligence for your market

Every Advertiser, Every Ad, and Everything Else